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Thread: VOIP/SIP application in C#

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    May 2007

    VOIP/SIP application in C#

    Hi there,

    To be honest I am new to VOIP/SIP development.
    I am looking for source code/software in C# to develop VOIP/SIP based applications, I really dont know where to start, can anybody please help me in this regard.

    Please get me any examples available.

    thanks in advance


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    Jun 2007

    Do u find Good start for voip

    I'm starting now a new project for crating a voip application
    i see ur message u asked in it a help
    do u find the good starting point.
    please let us cooperate to develop this project

    yours mahmoud

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    Jun 2007

    VoIP C#

    Hi guys, Iīm new in this forum ok.

    I started working in a project in C#, but I had some problems with DNS Resolve, because I donīt know anything about Telecomunication, but my bigger problem is the resolve host, I donīt understand how i can get connection between two points in a external network like this:

    IP Local: (IP Out:
    IP Local:

    My system doesnīt know how to resolve this, if I try to connect to other IP in a internal network I get a error.

    I managed to conenct between two PCs in a internal network OK, and the sound was very good!

    What can I do?

    Someone in this forum know how to create a server to resolve this? As Skype or MSN.

    Thatīs it.


    Luciano Lima

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    Jan 2012

    How to build a C# open source VoIP softphone with WPF GUI using Ozeki SIP SDK

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