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Thread: asp dropdown to display sql stored procedures

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    Jan 2012

    asp dropdown to display sql stored procedures

    I am new to asp. How would I go about creating a dropdown list to display the sql stored procedures for a particular database? I am trying to develop an form for users to select at sql stored procedure form that list and then depending upon which stored procedure they pick, they will then enter in a text box the paramenters that the stored proc requires, then hit a submit button to execute that stored proc. I am unsure how to go about this. Any help would be great.

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    I don't know it if is real good idea to store the actual stored procedure names for all to see.

    I think maybe creating a psudeo name for them and evaluting what was selected in a SELECT CASE may be an option.

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    if this is about sql server stored procedures

    hi there,

    go to and enter this

    select from sysobjects where type 'p'
    in the search text box.

    you can also try this search

    select from routine_name routine_definition information_schema
    there are other newer ways.

    to retrieve parameters, you can try these searches

    1. retrieve stored procedure parameters sql server
    2. retrieve stored procedure parameters with tsql
    good luck,

    tonci korsano

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    it won't be a good idea to put SP names in the textbox. Instead, think from the user's point of view and put something users can understands. Know your users.

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    I think it's better to output a list of some actions which you want to allow the user to do (free human-readable text, you can create the complete list just in your ASP code), and to have a list of your stored procedures, which correspond to your actions. No need to read the SPs names from DB, you can make the list in your code in the same way as actions. When the user selects some action, you just find which SP correspond to that action and execute the SP with user's parameters.

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