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Thread: Looking for Financial Market Senior Developer (FMSD) Calypso experience (London UK)

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    Looking for Financial Market Senior Developer (FMSD) Calypso experience (London UK)

    Responsible For:
    The FMSD will have direct involvement with Clients in the implementation of the Calypso system. A key responsibility will be working directly with the Client project team that is implementing the Calypso system, and assisting them in implementing their user requirements. The FMSD will typically be expected to follow-up with users to test the implementation, achieve signoff, and continue to move the system toward go-live from a technical development perspective.
    The FMSD will assist developers in understanding the Calypso API to extend the Calypso system, add data to the Calypso system, and build interfaces between Calypso and external systems.
    A requirement of this role would be to assist other Senior Java Developers in the training of users and Client developers on the basic use of the system, particularly with regard to the technical setup of the system, and to engage in additional training activity as dictated by the demands of the project.
    The FMSD will work hands-on with the system, working as part of a project team to configure and test it so that it meets the Clients' technical requirements. The FMSD is expected to demonstrate exceptional independent and team work ability to facilitate the efficient running of systems implementation.
    During development of enhancements, the FMSD may work with Calypso business analysts, Calypso core development, or Client development to code prototypes of enhancements to ensure they will meet business requirements.
    The FMSD is expected to proactively develop programming skills in relevant languages. The FMSD is also required to learn new technologies and become familiar with different development tools (Ant, Eclipse, Java, XML, XSLT, etc), dependent on the needs of the client and the project upon which the FMSD is currently engaged. The FMSD may be required to build, or assist in the building of reusable software modules, adaptors and conversion programs using these aforementioned technologies.
    The FMSD will be required to develop, or assist in the development of prototypes using the core JAVA classes and also the proprietary financial classes provided by third party API toolkits. The FMSD will draw on their strong developer sense of problem solving, building and developing in an intuitive way, where documentation may or may not exist to facilitate these processes.

    Essential Experience:
    Must have at least 5 years of development experience
    Must have knowledge of 1 previous calypso implementations (Front / Middle or Back office)
    Must be willing to travel across Europe

    The FMSD role may require the ability to develop in a range of languages, specifically Java, RMI, SQL, UML, SWING, XML, XSLT, RDBMS, J2EE, C#, .NET, Messaging, C++, Middleware, (particularly with regard to building interfaces between multiple source and target systems).
    Have passion to work with third party software packages and quickly come up to speed on their usage though self analysis and prototyping. Packages such as SAP, Wall Street, Algorithmics, Sungard, Murex, Calypso products an advantage
    OO Analysis, Design and Programming Techniques
    Concurrent programming
    3+Yr Solid J2EE experience using Jboss
    3+Yr SQL Experience [Microsoft SQL Server 2005]
    1-3Yr JSP Experience
    3+Yr Java Swing Experience (GUI Programming)
    1+Yr Linux Experience
    Must currently be comfortable using Eclipse IDE

    The successful candidate is likely to have a Masters Degree or further education in computer science, information technology other relevant qualification with mathematical, scientific or commerce subjects and be amongst the high performers in their chosen field.

    Please reply with your CV to

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    Can you please mention what are the compensations that you offer for this post, I mean I think you forgot to mention the remuneration of this post, and the facilities that you will provide to the person you select.

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    Nov 2011
    This remuneration would depend on your experience. Please send me your resume.

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    Financial Web Promoter

    Hi, I promote websites based on finance and loan in UK and i have 3 years experience in website optimization. would i eligible for any other financial profile.

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