Hello. I am new in this forum. I need help for mu application. This is my first ASP.NET application, and I need help or some useful instructions for Application for online auction.

I should create this:

The application should be able to
Administration of users, user registration, adding, modifying and deleting
products for auction.
The application has three types of users: Administrator, User and Advertiser.
- The administrator logs in the system with their user name and password. He can
to add, modify, review and delete users, categories and biddings.
- Advertiser login system with your user name and password. He can
add, review, modify and delete biddings.
- The user can search by category biddings. You can review
biddings and participate in them. You can also join to retrieve email messages
biddings of a particular category.
Each auction has time for the start and end. In this interval any user who
access the application can take part in the auction.
There must be some form of registration system for users. Anyone who wants to add
auction must register and thereby bring more data to it.
The application should be simple, user-oriented and good in appearance design,
because you need wherever you need to beneficial skins and styles. AJAX
controls are required wherever possible to improve the application.
The application should be in Macedonian and English.

Please help me, if you know.. It is very important for me.