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Thread: OCR with C# application

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    OCR with C# application

    Is it possible to make an c# application that integrates an OCR and a database? The ouput will be when a certain document is scanned, the needed fields are stored automatically in the database. How can this be developed? Where can I get sources?

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    I'd also like to know any other sites that could provide OCR in C#, and without a huge price tag.


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    You could use cloud sdk with web API. Have a look @ for c# ocr. It's a website that let you upload image in a simple HTTP POST request and send's you back OCRed data.

    It's not free, but it has a 90 days free trial without any upfront charges, so it'll be easy to consider whether it fits one's requirements and don't pay anything until the end-user application goes to production.

    Plus it has a nice set of ready-to-go .NET codesamples @ github.

    Hope it helps!

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