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Thread: How to modify code if needed

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    How to modify code if needed


    I would like to make the things provided by an article which is titled as: Working with SDP in VoIP SIP calls. It describes how to develop a softphone or webphone application alongside with overall information about SDP. It uses an SDK called Ozeki SIP SDK.

    I have some knowledge about computers but not with coding and as I have seen there is a part that deals with the explanation of the source code.

    My question is that do I need to modify anything in those codes or I just copy and paste them?

    Your help is highly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wbrook View Post
    My question is that do I need to modify anything in those codes or I just copy and paste them?
    A straight copy and paste almost never works. More than likely you will have to make some modifications.

    Copy the code over and run will find out what needs to be done at that point.

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