Hi all,

This is an unusual request for help and I hope it will not put you off.

I have an excel work book which contains many VBA modules developed over the years. Two persons, on their own PC have been running it without any problems until now. We are on a network and both of these people are in the same team with access to same folders, belonging to the same program.

We now want another person in a different program to use the excel workbook. We have a shared folder on the network where I have placed the workbook and changed the paths in various modules they are where all people have access to. The first set of 2 people can open the workbook and run the macros without any problems. The other person cannot. As soon as the file is open, there is a VBA error showing up. The VBA code is OK because it works for other two people.

So, I want to start with the simplest of tasks to track down what is teh problem, without giving you loads of VBA codes to look at. I am not very good, and all the codes have been build up by me in teh past either getting help from IT forums like this or googling the web and reading about it. The point is, it may not be the best or the cleanest of codes, but it works; at least for me and my colleagues.

So teh question is:

What are the main important points to watch out for when designing an excel application with many modules that is to be accessible and runable by several people on a network, with access rights to all the relevant folders on a shared drive?

I think this may be where the problem is and not in the code.

Anyone with ideas so I can check their theories would be a life saver.
Thanks everyone for sticking with the long preamble so far.