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Thread: Looking for a mad scientist to join my venture

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    Jul 2012

    Looking for a mad scientist to join my venture

    Karl here, AKA KGWan, AKA the Sales Evangelist, AKA Startup Sales Mentor,

    As a serial entrepreneur mainly focusing on helping clients build up their startups, it has been a long and fun ride. Now I am ready to take the helm and build my own enterprise and it is all about some GREAT mobile app ideas.

    I need a developer. A GOD IN THEIR OWN RIGHT! Who wants to run technology. We are talking CTO and we are talking major share of all that is going to be.

    The workload pre-funding will simply be to help me develop a business plan so I can go shopping for our initial funding. Then it will require taking a salary below your value until we build a revenue stream and reap the rewards of our shared genius.


    What you need to have is

    1. Strong HTML5, iOs and Droid development skills/understanding.
    2. VISION!
    3. Creative UI skills or delegation skills.
    5. Leadership skills.
    6. DESIRE!!!!

    If you are now as excited as I am, then reach out.

    Karl Goldfield, KG,

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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    This is better suited to our Careers forum section so I'm moving it here.

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