We are setup so any given user can attach to SQL Server and login as
themselves. This is normally done automatically via a VB client which
prompts for the user name and password. For the client/server app the users
need most permissions.

I also have a report data base that has links to all the same tables but in
this case I want all the links to be read only. Problem is whenever a user
accesses a table in database view the first time an ODBC login dialog pops
up with their name filled in. What I want access to do is to honor the user
used when the links were made - e.g. "UID=ReportUser;PWD="

I made the original links using TableDefs.

How do prevent Access97 from displaying the ODBC login dialog but still
provide active links under a different user name?

Can I somehow satisfy the first login in VBA? (I can't link the tables each
time, too many/too slow)

If I can't do that can I keep Access from filling in the user name and put
my user name in place for the login dialog?

Oh, and I can't rewrite the app to use a different login method. That would
be the best I suppose - do the security in the client and logon underneath
as a special user.

MSAccess97, SQL Server 6.5, SQL Server Security, named pipes, Novell NDS,
not NT domains.