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Thread: Transaction Process Dead Lock

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    Eduardo Mireles Guest

    Transaction Process Dead Lock

    I would really appreciate if somebody could help me.

    I have been developing with Visual Basic 6.0 and Sql-Server 7.0 and I have
    launched some stored procedures that return an error very rare for me.
    This is the message error:

    Error '-2147467259 (80004005)' runtime error:

    Your transaction process id 41 was dead locked and there process has been
    dead locked
    - Return your transaction.

    this occurs when execute the any store procedure that only consults the database.

    But the most rare thing is that sometimes the store works and sometimes does

    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: Transaction Process Dead Lock

    > But the most rare thing is that sometimes the store works and sometimes
    > not.

    (darin) Sounds like a typical deadlock scenario. Check out the articles on
    MSDN concerning deadlock. Generally, you can resolve these problems by

    1) narrowing down to only those sp's or code that exec's in a transaction

    2) looking at the order in file tables are queried and updated, then working
    through the combinations. It's a pain, but it's about the only way to do it.

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