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Thread: How to get 32bit Access to use more than 2GB RAM on 64bit Windows 7

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    Unhappy How to get 32bit Access to use more than 2GB RAM on 64bit Windows 7

    I am trying to print a phone directory that has Photos as well as Names, Addrress's etc..

    Access keeps running out of memory.

    From what I read 32bit apps can ony get to 2GB of RAM unless you set something that then allows it up to 4GB RAM.

    My system has 16GB of RAM running 64bit Windows 7, but my Office Apps are 32bit versions.

    I got more pages when I scaled all the images down to the exact size I need them, but I am still running out of memory.

    Any Ideas?

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    Many of the links in this search are things I can't get to because my work enviornment blocks everything with the word "blog" in it, but the titles sound like they might have some information for you.

    In addition, I also found this which I think it worthy of a read.

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