What 'service' login do you have established for the DTC service? Is it the
same as the SQL Server service and SQLAgent service. Also, are you using
the default 'local service' account or a domain account. There are some
constraints on SQL Server features that you must have a domain account to
implement. Just a thought to investigate in your environment. Creating
a domain account has alleviated several road blocks in my organization.

Jody Gough
Farm Credit Services of America

"bennett" <bennett@waveshift.com> wrote:
>Yes, I refreshed the service but still the same error message.
>"DaveSatz" <davidsatz@yahoo.com> wrote:
>>Not 100%, but is the Distributed Transaction Coordinator service running

>>the SQL server ?
>>David Satz
>>Principal Software Engineer
>>Hyperion Solutions
>>->Using SQL Server 7.0 SP3/6.5 SP5a/Cold Fusion 4.5.1 SP2/VSS
>>(Please reply to group only - emails answered rarely)
>>"Bennett" <bennett@waveshift.com> wrote in message
>>> In our web application when a SQL connection is attempted to be opened

>>> an error message stating: "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server:

>>> transaction cannot enlist in the specified transaction coordinator".

>>> anyone received this error before and if so how to correct? I appreciate
>>> any help.
>>> Bennett