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Thread: Help with code

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    Nov 2008

    Help with code

    Can someone explain me what this code does?

    char CRC[8];
    DoInvert = ('1'==BitString[i]) ^ CRC[7];
    Especially :
    For me DoInvert calculates the XOR between ('1'==BitString[i]) and CRC[7]

    Can someone help me with this?

    Thank you

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    Nov 2012
    char CRC[8];

    char CRC[8] declared "CRC" as a "character variable". The [8] specifies that 8 digits are to be allocated to its memory.
    So for instance if your code later said "cin >> CRC" to which the user would define CRC, only the first 8 characters that were input would be used to define CRC's value.

    DoInvert = ('1'==BitString[i]) ^ CRC[7];

    DoInvert is exactly what it sounds like. It does the inverse of what is requested.
    ('1'==BitString[i]) is checking whether the variable "1" (which must have been declared as a variable earlier) is equal to BitString (also likely declared earlier)
    ^ CRC[7] is a mathematical function. It is the inverse of XOR. Hence why DoInvert calculates the XOR between the given values.

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