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Thread: Need a list control that wraps text and increases hieght of row

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    Need a list control that wraps text and increases hieght of row

    I've spent the last couple of days researching the net for a way to make a list control wrap text and increase the row height so the entire text can be read. The "gurus" say it can't be done. I don't understand this since all controls inherit from control. Obviously, the functionality I need must be able to be added. Besidethat, I've seen what I believe to be a list control of some type that has the functionality I need.

    I started to make my own control but got smart before I wasted too much time.

    I'm open to discussion on this as well as help so I can get this project going again.

    I am working on a selection form which will allow the user to read enough of the presented data to select the record they want to work on. This is for a Commercial Driver Log program. The data is in a flat text file and the records look similar so the more information available to the user the better (within reason).

    My requirement are;
    -2 or more columns,
    -the columns must not expand horizontally,
    -text must wrap in cell and expand row vertically,
    -there must be no cursor,
    -user cannot select text,
    -click of row selects entire row (can't disable control or I loose events),
    -select has custom backcolor.

    I know that I can change backcolor in the paint event but when I set OwnerDraw in ListView it screws up my data strings and only shows the first column value enclosed in braces.
    I can get rid of the cursor using API's but the user can still select text.

    Any ideas, discussions or help will be greatly appreciated.

    One more thing. I don't know C# well enough to convert code. So if anyone has any ideas in C#,be warned, I will have to pick your brains about to the logic involved so I can code it in VB.Net.

    I'm including a picture of the control I want to emulate. As you can see, it contains 2 or 3 columns with the 3rd column wrapping the text.
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