Hi Friends,
I need a Help Urgent .
Environment : VB6, Crystal reports 9 ,SQL Server 2008

Preview button Source Code :

ReportNameVar = App.Path & "\reports\DoctorList.rpt"
str = "{Doctor_Master.Doc_Code} =" & txtDoc_Id
Set CReport = crxApplication.OpenReport(ReportNameVar, 1)

CReport.RecordSelectionFormula = str
CRViewer91.EnableExportButton = True
CRViewer91.EnableGroupTree = False
CRViewer91.DisplayTabs = False
CRViewer91.DisplayBorder = True
CRViewer91.EnableCloseButton = True
CRViewer91.Width = ScaleWidth
CRViewer91.Height = ScaleHeight
CRViewer91.WhatsThisHelpID = ScaleWidth
CRViewer91.EnableProgressControl = True
CRViewer91.EnableCloseButton = True

Requirement :

I displayed the CR9 report , while click on the preview Button on the Vb form .

But the concern is that it is displaying with in the Vb Form Cordinates. so while closing the CR report preview my Vb form is also getting closed .

I have attached the CR Preview button Properties Source Code.

I have also attached the screen shot.Please let know if anything more is required to share .