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Thread: MS Word 2013 or Windows 8.1 coerces SaveAs path to user's Documents directory

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    MS Word 2013 or Windows 8.1 coerces SaveAs path to user's Documents directory

    I have a VB6 program that allows use of a created object instance of MS Word to produce letters and automatically save them in the appropriate directory as determined by my program, for example:

    objMSWordDocument.SaveAs C:\DISC\VER70\LOAN\DATA2\2\3\00049323.01\LETTERS\20140428124003.docx , wdFormatXMLDocument

    This works as designed on one machine running Windows 8.1 Professional 64-bit, but on another identical machine, instead of silently saving the document to the specified location, a Save Dialog opens that points to the Windows user's Documents directory.

    I assume this is a permissions issue, either in MS Word 2013, or Windows 8.1. My program is set to Run as Administrator.

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    Are you sure that you have identical environment on both computers? Maybe MS Word is differently configured?

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