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Thread: Visual Studio with C and Asm files

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    Question Visual Studio with C and Asm files

    I am currently going through a book. It has C programs that call Assembly routines. I would like to type in some of the programs to see them work.
    The C programs are in .c files and the Assembly routines are in .asm files.
    How do I create a project in Visual Studio that will compile and assemble and link these files into a program that I can run?

    I have access to Visula Studio Versions: 6, 2005, 2010

    Sample c file:
    #include <stdio.h>
    int first=1, second=2, third=0;		// these are the integers with
    					// whch we want to work.
    void main(void)
    	printf("\nBefore adding third =%d",third);
    	Add_Ext();				// this call the assembly
    						// program that will add
    						// externals.
    	printf("\nAfter adding third = %d",third);
    } // end main

    Sample asm file:
    .MODEL	MEDIUM			; This tells the procedure to use the
    				; MEDIUM memory model.
    EXTRN	first:WORD, second:WORD, third:WORD
    .CODE				; This is the beginning of the code segment.
    _Add_Ext PROC FAR		; The procedure is type FAR.
    mov AX, first			; This moves the first number into the
    				; accumulator.
    add AX, second			; This adds the second number to the
    				; accumulator.
    mov third, AX			; This stores the result back into
    				; third.
    _Add_Ext ENDP			; The procedure ends here.
    END				; This is the end of the code segment.

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    For info for VS2017 see for info on how to configure VS to be able to use .asm files.

    Also note that for 32 bit (not for 64 bit), you can do in-line assembler using __asm {}. See

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