Using: Visual Studio 2013 / Language

I have a program I've been working on and I was doing it in windows 7. I just installed the windows 10 tech preview and now I'm having an issue with one of my shell commands.

The shell command just runs a net use with my credentials (username and password provided before process begins) but now with win 10 (and I would assume 8 due to style) it's saying "The specified network password is not correct".

Can someone enlighten me as to what actual credentials win 8/10 use. Before I logged in with Redplanet / <password>. Now I log in with <> / <password> and it's as if my user account of Redplanet is no longer real even though when I do a system.environment.username it pulls my original username of Redplanet.

I have even tested the Net Use outside of my program and manually typing it into a command line window and get the error. Any assistance would be appreciated.