Onvif IP camera remote configuration in C#

Hi there,

I couple of weeks ago we have installed a new security IP camera (EasyN 187V). In addition to the basic functionalities, it supports Onvif and it has some special features (PTZ, built-in microphone, night vision, motion detection, alarm notification, etc.).

The long and short of it, this is a smart device, but we need some further functionalities, because my boss travels a lot and he wants more control over the surveillance system. I'm in charge of finding out a solution that enables remote configuration.

I've done some research and I came across a Codeproject guide that informed me that an Onvif-compliant camera SDK would be the most effective solution. (I'm not secure in my knowledge, so I need some confirmation.)

So the point is that I checked out the camera SDK that was recommended by the article, and I found a good Onvif C# example on how to configure the IP camera's network settings.

I thought it's worth to share the code snippet related to this issue, because it can be useful for others as well, but it was too long to be inserted. So if you'are also interested in the remote configuration, take a look at the this guide: http://www.camera-sdk.com/p_22-how-t...ely-onvif.html

It works well, but unfortunately this SDK is not free. Now I use its free trial version, but it will expire soon. Can anybody recommend me an alternative SDK to this one? Or any other C#-based suggestion would be appreciated related to remote IP camera configuration.

Iím looking forward to your answers here or please send me an e-mail to curt.copeland@hotmail.com! Thank you so much in advance!

All the best,