I started a simple static website not so long ago to boost my business. But I'm already tired of those annoying calls coming from telemarketers. And I noticed that most customers regret the money for phone calling.

For this reason, I though I try the webphone technology to let my website visitors call me free of charge without displaying my telephone number. If it requires any programming skills by all means, C# is the closest to me and I have minimal knowledge about the sip protocol.

After some googling, I've found many possible ways on how to do that. This is almost abundance... Which one is the best solution?

Source: http://www.codeproject.com/Questions.../SIP-Web-Phone

OpenH323 - It is excluded as it uses h323 protocol
Opal - Their website is unavailable, but it may also use h323
Ekiga - It is also excluded as it is Linux-based
MyPhone - I'm wondering that it also uses h323?
Ozeki voip sip sdk - Yeah, this is sip-compliant.

I don't think that Ozeki is the only one vendor providing webphone solution that supports sip. What do you think? How can I get started?