I am making a program for a pig latin converter. if the word begins with a vowel add -way at the end if it does not begin with a vowel then add a dash to the end of the word until the first letter in the word is aeiouy then add ay to the end like chair would be air-chay. as of now all of my words are ending in way when I push my convert button

this is what I have so far any help would be appreciated

 Private Sub btnConvert_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnConvert.Click
        ' declare the variables
        Dim strWord As String

        'trim the input
        strWord = txtWordenter.Text.Trim

        If strWord = "" Then

            MessageBox.Show("Please Enter a Word")

        End If


        If strWord <> Nothing Then

        End If

        ' if input begins with a vowel
        If strWord.ToString Like "[aeiou]*" Then
            Call Convert_To_Pig(strWord)

            ' if input begins with nonvowel
            Call insertAy(strWord)
        End If

        ' send focus to input

    End Sub

    Private Sub Convert_To_Pig(ByVal convertWord As String)
        'function will put -way to words that  have vowels
        Const Vowel As String = "-way"
        txtConvertedword.Text = convertWord & Vowel

    End Sub

    Private Sub insertAy(ByRef word As String)
        ' sees if word contains nonvowels
        Dim remainder As String = ""
        Do Until word = ""
            remainder += word(0)
            word = word.Remove(0, 1)

            'if nonvowel is found
            If word.ToLower Like "[aeiouy]* " Then
                txtConvertedword.Text = remainder & "-" & remainder & "-ay"
                Exit Sub

            End If
        Call Convert_To_Pig(remainder)
    End Sub