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Thread: VB6 App with Windows 10

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    VB6 App with Windows 10

    Perhaps to early to ask since Windows 10 was just released -- a) will the VB6 development system run on W10 and b) will VB6 Applications load and run successfully on W10?

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    I can now partially answer my own question. Just upgraded to Win10, installed my vb6 application (including a number of 3rd-party tools), and everything ran perfectly - no problems identified! I have not as yet installed the VB6 IDE but will report back when I have done so.

    Good news, at least for VB6 apps, they should work for at least another 10 years as long as Win10 is supported.

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    I loaded the IDE in Win10 but the common dialogue component did not register the first time and every time I started the IDE I would get an error message about accessing the registry and when I selected the Common Dialogue component it created another error. So I uninstalled the IDE and tried again.

    Note: The IDE would not load unless the Data Access was unchecked. Concerned that the data objects would not be there, I first loaded the systems using the Custom installation with Data Access checked so the libraries would be loaded, but the installation stalled after that. Then I loaded the IDE again with the Data Access unchecked so the installation would complete. Then I installed SP6 which loaded flawlessly. When I installed both the original IDE and SP6, I ran both setup programs as the administrator.

    I haven't loaded my 3rd-party tools, but the IDE seems to run smoothly and appears stable under Win10 (unlike under Win7 where the IDE seemed unstable) - on Win 7 I ran VB6 under XP Mode within the Virtual PC where it was very stable.

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