Hi, can anybody help me on this?

I have a VB6 front-end with a MySql back-end database. I stored word and excel files (.doc and .xls) as blobs in a table. I used ado file stream. When I store and retrieve image files, jpg, bmp, wmf, or PDF, everything is fine. But when I store and retrieve .doc/.xls files, the retrieved files can't not be opened. I have been working on this one word file, the original file is 69kb, the retrieved file is 64kb. When I open them both in note pad, the gibberish codes of the two start the same with the retrieved file lost some (the 5kb) at the end of the file.

When I manually save the blob field of the table into file, same result, a 64kb file saved a folder and can't be opened.

Thanks a lot if any guru can enlighten me on this.