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Thread: text from image to textbox

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    Aug 2010

    Post text from image to textbox

    hi, i tried alot and i searched over the internet for an OCR program or something that can do the job. I got a image with a text on it, and i want to make a program that can read " recognise " the text from the image and save it to a text file, or at least to copy the information to the clipboard. So far, No Luck.
    Any 1 can help mee? TNx alot. Greetings

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    You can't do OCR programming without and OCR tool and/or SDK and the good ones are not free.

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    Aug 2010

    Cool hey Hack! help 4 a newbie

    Well let's just say that i did found a method free to get the text from my desktop and even search it on internet and i got the example 4 that thing but is not an OCR method even do is faster then the OCR. But...i got this problem : what i intended to do from begining it was to make a screen shot to my desktop,save the file as jpg to a folder and my Program to read from that file in a restricted area selected by me and then to search that information over the internet. Even if i have both programs for this kind of thing i cant figure it out where to put the program that make the screenshot and how to read the file automatic. TNX and greetings

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    do u find the source code which change the text on the pic to txt file can you put the link or similar that nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hack View Post
    You can't do OCR programming without and OCR tool and/or SDK and the good ones are not free.
    code an ocr engine yourself is really too hard, however there are many free tool and library in google. such as tesseract ocr engine or microsoft MODI.

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