I am learning to create interactive riddles with excel VBA. I would like you to help me with this example so that I will study the code.
There will be 16 illustrations for the 16 words (4x4).
The riddle will be displayed in the comment section of the cell and read at the instant of the mouse pointer whenever the player points the mouse pointer to the cell.
Each cell of the programme will be given a different decorative colour while all the correctly answered cells get a common specified colour.
If a wrong answer is entered in a cell the programme displays the message “No, I’m not a/an + the name of the answer entered in that cell + Try again.” and reads the message.
If the right answer is entered the programme displays the illustration of the answer (e.g. a picture) with message “Yes I am + what entered in the cell + the message Hurray! Well done.” and reads the message.
There will be a score board (which can be scrolled down) that keeps record of all players of the game and their best scores sorted by rank and the display also of the current score which is read.
10 marks is awarded for a correct answer while zero is awarded for an incorrect answer.
Count is kept of the number of attempts and is multiplied by the score per attempt this gives the expected score (expected score = number of attempts x score per attempt “10”)
The percentage at the end of the game (either exited or played all) is calculated (actual score* 100/expected score)
When all the riddles are correctly answered or the game is exited, a percentage of attempts-to-accurate-answers is displayed and the rank indicated and read (you’ve got 80% and rank 10th).
There will be buttons for the following:
Start/Play of the game which refreshes the game and shuffles the positions of the items in the riddle.
Another one which requests if the player would like to play again (which could still be the same above)
Exit that exits the game
Bale out that produces the riddle, its illustration and the answer (eg. I am a four-legged animal. I have a tail. I am kept as a pet to catch mice. Who am I? + the image of a cat + the message “ I am a cat”)
(and any other things you deem necessary to add)
An example can be 16 different common animals
[For a wrong answer, the programme requests, “Would you like to try this again?”
If YES programme reads “Sure, that’s right.”
If NO “Would you like to attempt another one?”