Suddenly a web site that has been working for years starting giving error 500. I narrowed it down to one line of code. I then created a file called x.asp just to test with that line in it and it returns error 500 every time. Here is the entire code for my test file x.asp:




dict = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")


It always just returns error 500. What could it be?

I do have detailed errors sent to client, but unfortunately the error is still only showing:

Server Error
500 - Internal server error.
There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

I have checked all of the IIS log files and Windows event logs and there are no errors showing there either. I am really stumped.

I verified permissions on scrrun.dll and can't find any issues there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Running IIS 8 with ASP Classic 4.0 on Server 2012 R2