Can you override a Publicnoncreatable program to instance objects from its TLB?

I have referenced the SketchUp.exe into a project or at times an extracted TLB from the SketchUp.exe and can see the object model but cannot create an instance

of any object in it.

I found out it may be a non-shared object or set to PublicNoncreatable by SketchUp and thus unlike AutoCAD or Excel I cannot create object instances. I can see

all the objects, props and methods, events but cannot create or set to new any of them.

When working with Adobe Acrobat I found it had the same problem but had a non-viewable object name which allowed instancing its objects.

Maybe SketchUp also has a completely hidden object or method that allows this. In the mean time is there a way to apply an instance of the object by overriding

its non-share status as shared?

Does this OLEView reveal anything?

// Generated .IDL file (by the OLE/COM Object Viewer)
// typelib filename: SketchUp.exe

helpstring("SketchUp 2.0 Type Library"),
custom(DE77BA64-517C-11D1-A2DA-0000F8773CE9, 117441067),
custom(DE77BA63-517C-11D1-A2DA-0000F8773CE9, 1447367279),
custom(DE77BA65-517C-11D1-A2DA-0000F8773CE9, "Created by MIDL version 7.00.0555 at Thu Nov 12 15:27:59 2015

library SketchUp
// TLib : // TLib : OLE Automation : {00020430-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
yada, yada