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Thread: Need help with visual studio 2015

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    Need help with visual studio 2015

    I am using Visual studio 2015 with a service based database, I need a code that allows me to select information from two fields with a single combo box (I have tried to get it to work using selected value), for example: selecting the product name will also pull the product price from the same data entry. Also I will need the combo box's value to be equal to the data entered from the "product price" so I will be able to use the value of the combo box to complete a calculation.

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    Visual Studio is a good IDE in my opinion. Resharper is fantastic for C# development if you have it. However, it's about as good as Eclipse/CDT for C++ development. Although Intellisense is inferior to the CDT equivalent, the debugger is far superior.

    The most of the issues you mention are actually compiler issues, and yes, the MS C++ compiler stinks. It appears that the development team has been badly understaffed for years; perhaps the aim was to focus on.NET? Whatever the case may be, Microsoft's compiler is currently well behind the competitors.

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