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Thread: Question about making your own methods

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    Question about making your own methods

    I've been working in C++ for awhile so I'm used to having to make a function prototype first and placing that above the int main() function. Then after the main() function I do the function definition. But I would like to make a few of my own methods using C# and am I correct in saying that prototypes are not used in C#?

    Also I don't as of right now want to make a separate code file and create a new class and put my methods in there. I simply would like to place my method definitions in the static void Main() method. I've seen two ways of doing this (correct me if I'm wrong).

    It appears you can either define your method above the static void Main() method or right below it.

    How do you guys do it?

    Want to make a recommendation as to which way?

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    I think I will put my user defined methods below (in keeping with the C++ style).

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