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Thread: What type of problems do web developers encounter on a day to day basis?

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    Question What type of problems do web developers encounter on a day to day basis?

    As a IT Manager for well know web development company I always curious to know that "What type of problems do web developers encounter on a day to day basis". I know some of common problems like Production issues, Clarifying requirements, design data schemas, writing code, refactoring, reviewing designs and code with colleagues but I'm posting here so you guys tell me from your personal experience.

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    10 Most Common Mistakes Web Developers Mostly Done:
    1: Incomplete Input Validation
    2: Authentication Without Proper Authorization
    3: Not Ready to Scale
    4: Wrong or Missing SEO
    5: Time or Processor Consuming Actions in Request Handlers
    6: Not Optimizing Bandwidth Usage
    7: Not Developing for Different Screen Sizes
    8: Cross-browser Incompatibility
    9: Not Planning for Portability
    10: RESTful Anti Patterns

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    Probably the key problem is that the site is very poorly optimized during development. This causes further problems with SEO.

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