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Thread: Looking for a website designer

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    Looking for a website designer


    I have been visiting this forum for the past 3 months I got a lot to learn bud suddenly something to me with my website. I don't know where to post my three so I am writing it here.

    As a small business owner, I decided to create my website to target my local customer in town I created a website by someone from here. he was good at his work. but he didn't mention his price of website maintenance.

    After paying thousands of dollars I came here to know whether It was good or not. My website is showing the error of " briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. check back in a minute" 3 times in a week. I am looking to hire a good developer who can handle this error on my website. I've researched on website maintenance cost and I have found how much should I pay for the development tasks. Please mention someone who is good at fixing bugs.


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    Google-> Free Lance Web Developers

    To find someone to hire. There are websites designed to do this.... Our site isn't.

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