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Thread: Small Business CRM Recommendations?

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    Small Business CRM Recommendations?

    I'm seeking for customer relationship management software that will work effectively for a custom customized tailor. The software is required by a friend. He presently runs his business primarily through Odoo partners, Gmail and text, which limits his ability to handle existing contacts. He fits clients for suits and other custom menswear items as he travels from client to client. Once fitted, I'd estimate that clients buy new shirts/suits from him 2-3 times a year on average, with some ordering 4+ times.

    To be more specific, he works in the Northeast region of the United States, frequently travelling between Washington, DC, and Boston to see customers. He definitely needs the ability to map out clients' whereabouts geographically so he can target them when he's in the region visiting other clients. I believe Nutshell CRM has this capability, but I'm not sure if there are any other CRM suites that are better suited to this type of sales interaction.

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