Various documents on the web describe how to use Visual InterDev with Visual
SourceSafe for Stored Procedures.

I can't get it to work - and I'm hours at it!

(1) Visual Source Safe Server is installed
(2) Visual Interdev Server is installed

Here's my problem :

I right-click the database in the data view in Interdev, I choose Add to
Source Control, I fill in the dialog as told to do by the help. All is well.
Procs are added to SourceSafe - great.

Now, I right-click a stored proecedure, and there's no check-in, check-out
or whatever options - just "Add To Source Control" - but it's already in

So I delete it from SourceSafe, add it using the right-click on the stored
proc, and hey presto, it adds it to sourcesafe.

So I right-click it again to check it out.... nope, all I have is "Add To
Source Control".

Can anyone help? I've searched extensively on the web and found nothing
- and I *really* need to get this working!

Thanks in advance