I am very new to SQL server.

My SQL server name is mfcsql on machine Isis.

I have another machine, Drone, that runs a web application. I want to setup
an ODBC on this machine to access data on the SQL server.

When I try to setup the OBDC, I get this error,
Conenction Failed
SQLState: 01000
SQLServer Error 2
{Microsoft]ODBC SQL Server Driver}{name piped}Connection Open Createfile())

Connection Failed
SQL State 08001
SQL Server Error 6
{Microsoft]ODBC SQL Server Driver}{name piped}Specified SQL Server Not Found

Does any network mapping have to be done on the Drone machine?
Does any files have to be shared on the Isis Machine?
On the ODBC setup, what is the answer to this question? Which SQL Server
do you want to connect to?