I am preparing a report that takes input from Access Or SQL. I need to pass
Qry from my code to report such a way that it is accepted in both databases.
I am facing problem for conditional expression in Access, which must be similar
to "Case" in SQL. The calculated field has a formula changing on many conditions
so I am not able to put a subQry.

I can prepare a formula in reports(Crystal Reports), where it solves the
problem. But, I need running total on that formula, which is not possible
in crystal reports. So, I need to pass the calculated field through Qry to
report and I will be able to put running total on a field in the report.

I am using .Net with crystal reports, passing dataset to crystal report through
code.Now only one rough solution here is, to process dataset after filling
data and calculate values as per conditions for each record.

Please suggest me som better method.

thanks and regards