SCENARIO: new web application on a webfarm with DOTNET, with deadline in

Some questions about:
* Authorization, user profiles
* Manage state in Web server: session state

1. SiteServer provides a mechanism to maintain session state in a webfarm
based on MemberShip Directory. Now with Session of ASP+, has this mechanism
any sense in new developments?

2. Application center allow session aware load balancing based on (request
forwarding), Which are the best approach to maintain session state:
centralized manage session state solutions or session aware load balancing

Which are the best?
* Object session of ASP+ configured as outprocess
* Site server solution
* Object session + session aware load balancing with AppCenter or
routers ...

2. SiteServer provides mechanism to maintain user profiles based on
MemberShip, what happens with memberShip in CommerceServer 2000?

3. What is the best way to maintain user profile in a DOTNET web
application? Commerce Server? an own solution? SiteServer?

Any comment will be appreciated
Thanks in advance,
Luis Santo Tomas