Hi All members of this forum,
I came across this site recently, and am very excited to find so many people
with an interest and belief in the emerging professional discipline of software

I am a member of a group called WWISA - the WorldWide Institute of Software
Architects. This is an international group with chapters in countries around
the world and thousands of members.

The web site is www.wwisa.org

The founding members are people like Grady Booch, Thomas Mowbray, and Terry
Winograd (most of you are probably familiar with these people, especially
Grady Booch; if not, I would recommend you do a search on them to discover
for yourself how important these people are to the world of software development).

This group is an excellent way to gather with others in this emerging field,
network, learn, and generally just actively participate in the coming software
architecture revolution. And I am only a member, not any sort of officer
or anyone involved with recruitment, etc. I speak so highly of the group
because I am very impressed with it.

Do yourself a favor: Browse the web site above, and also feel free to contact
me at sladestewart@hotmail.com; I would love to discuss this further with
some of you, and hope to find new members among you.