Hey all,

I have a few questions about the generalization mechanism in Use Cases.

I have a parent use case, which has 2 child use cases. The parent use case
is an abstractuse case called "Maintain User Permissions". The child uses
cases are "Maintain User File Permissions" and "Maintain User Web Access".
Right now, the two child use cases generalize the parent use case. The
parent use case is such that there are no methods in it.

The question is whether it is appropriate to indicate in the parent use case
description that the child processes overwrite the behaviour of the parent
use case. For that matter, is it appropriate to put the fact that the child
use case is overwritting the parent use case in the child's use case

So, in my example, in the "Maintain User File Permissions", would I say
something along the lines of "Overrides the Mainain User Permission use case
and performs the function.....", or is it assumed when using the

Hope you guys can help!


Dan Slack