Heh. We've spent a lot of time reverse engeneering Outlooks's name and
address parser, with only some success, but it's still cruder than
outlook's. Good luck to ya.

In article <38d25166@news.devx.com>, griffordson@hotmail.com says...
> I love the way Outlook forms handle data entry of dates, times, names,
> addresses, etc. For example, you can type "2 weeks" in a date control and it
> resolves to the date two weeks from today's date. The name control parses an
> entry such as "Mr. John Dull Doe Jr." and assigns values to the appropriate
> fields. The address control does the same for addresses.
> Are there any 3rd party controls available which do this? If you are
> familiar with the Outlook, do you have any comments regarding these
> controls? Is there anything that you would change about the way these
> controls work if you were redesigning them?
> Matt Griffith