Hi Craig,

You could try using the windows API call for sending a message to the window
(combo box) (SendMessageLong) you are after with the appropriate constant
for setting the tab stops. Then you can add you text as one string with a
vbTab separating the two elements. They should line-up then in what look
like two columns in the combo box (also would work for text box, listbox,
etc.) BTW - Dan Appleman's book on programming the windows API using VB is
excellent. There are also a lot of other web sites with tips like this one
with actual code examples that work.

I hope this helps.

"Craig Pearson" <pearsonc@pauls.com.au> wrote:
>I'm trying to fill a combo box so that the items appear in a column like
>order seperated by a tab. The data is coming from a recordset and I
>basically want to concatenate 2 fields, but have them displayed like this:
>123 Item 1
>2 Item 2
>1023 Item 3
>24 Item 4
>I have tried using a constant value represent the length of the first column
>and any items that are less than this value add spaces, which doesn't align
>the second column very well.
>Any ideas greatly appreciated.