If your looking for a 3D program to use as reference you can go to
http://www.pulse3d.com/ and in their developers sections they have a product
called Animation Studio. It's freeware and you only need to register with
their site to download it. Hope that helps.


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> Hi Kathleen,
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> > Nope. Can you describe any. Remember that this is a significantly

> > audience. They won't be doing any design, and not much placement. The

> > who most need this ability are probably the students it is hardest for.

> I'm going to email you a screen shot of Ray Dream Designer that may give

> some ideas. Basically it shows each of the three planes in grid format,

> markings showing where the object is in each plane. You can move the

object on
> any one plane by using the mouse to move the objects markings on that

> If you move the object directly with the mouse, it moves in the x and y

> To move it up or down along the z plane, you use the mouse while holding

> the alt-key. Alternatively, you can set variables via dialog boxes.
> I'm not exactly clear on what the students are to achieve in moving your
> objects, especially with respect to velocity, so this may not apply.
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