P2P Presents

Authors from Wrox’s forthcoming Professional ASP.NET, Professional VB.NET
and Professional C# publications will be available to answer your questions
on the latest happenings with the .NET Framework, ready for the much anticipated
release of Beta 2.

The author chats will take place throughout May, starting Thursday May 17,
on the VB.NET, ASP.NET and C# lists at http://p2p.wrox.com, the programmers’
resource center from Wrox Press.


Rocky Lhotka – 17 May
Matthew Reynolds – 18 & 23 May
Jay Glynn – 21 May
Jerod Moemeka – 21 & 22 May
Alex Homer – 29 May
Dave Sussman – 30 May


Alex Homer and Dave Sussman are authors of A Preview of ASP+ and the forthcoming
Professional ASP.NET, amongst other titles.

Alex is a software developer and technical author living and working in the
idyllic rural surroundings of the Derbyshire Dales in England. He has a Bachelor
of Arts degree in Mathematics, and now, while not busy developing ASP components
for Stonebroom Software, he prefers to install and play with the latest and
flakiest beta code he can find and then write about it.

Dave spent most of his professional life as a developer before realizing
that writing was far more fun. He specializes in Internet and data access
technologies, although just about any alpha or beta code gets him excited.
Like Alex he lives in rural surroundings and therefore spends most of his
time gazing out of the window at the birds and trees, instead of working.

Visit Dave and Al's site at http://www.daveandal.com.


Rocky Lhotka is co-author of, amongst many other titles, the first book on
VB.NET, Wrox's VB.NET Programming with the Public Beta. He is currently working
to bring it up to date with recent changes to the beta. (The full errata
and an additional chapter will be available free online for owners of the
book, in June.)

Rockford is also a contributing author for Visual Basic Programmers Journal
and DevX, and has presented at numerous conferences including Microsoft Tech
Ed and VBITS. He has over 14 years experience in software development and
is now the Principal Technology Evangelist for Magenic Technologies, one
of the nation's premiere Microsoft Certified Solution Providers.

Matthew Reynolds is an independent Internet Engineering Specialist living
and working in Greater London. He specialises in building Internet solutions
based on the Windows DNA and Microsoft .NET platforms. He has been a consultant
to both large and small organisations, including Demon Internet and Microsoft,
and is the author of Wrox’s Beginning E-Commerce.


Jay Glynn has been developing software for over 12 years. He has developed
in Pick Basic, Paradox PAL, Pascal, C, Access Basic, Visual Basic version
3, 4, 5 and 6 and most recently VB.NET and C#. Jay currently works as a Senior
Architect at a large financial services company where he has designed and
developed client/server and pen based applications for the past several years.
He is also responsible for developing standards, practices and methodologies
for large teams of developers.

Jerod Moemeka is an architect with Fujitsu Transaction services. At Fujitsu,
he is responsible for opportunity identification and ownership, as well as
full product life cycle inception, design, and implementation. Part of this
charge involves project planning, UML design, software and hardware evaluation,
resource acquisition, and project team mentoring. Jerod has also worked
as a Java architect for SUN Microsystems, a senior IT specialist with IBM
and lead architect with JIS.

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