Microsoft's ".NET" and Sun's "J2EE" present two different
technological frameworks for application support. Which one
is right for your organization? Attend this meeting for an
in-depth even-handed independent analysis.

May 17 at 5 P.M. the Sacramento Chapter of the World
Organization of Webmasters in association with the
Government Technology Conference (GTC) presents an in-depth
comparison of .NET and J2EE at Room 306 in the
Sacramento Convention Center in Sacramento, California. A
reception sponsored by Macromedia will follow the presentations.

Please visit <>
to get more details and to reserve a seat. Admission is free,
you do not need a GTC badge, but we request advance
registration. You may also call 916.705.3261 to register.


Ravi Verma, Sacramento WOW

Ravi is a Practice Manager at Annams Systems Corporation. His over
twelve years of technical expertise includes a multitude of
technologies (C, C++, Java, HTML, Database Administration,
Data Modeling, Data Warehousing) and industries (manufacturing,
health care, government, eCommerce, customer management).
He has authored articles and given in-depth presentations on
Web Performance Modeling, Internet Architecture, OLAP on
Internet/Intranet, and Fundamentals of Data Warehousing.

Abid Nasim, Sacramento WOW

Abid is a Senior Software Engineer at Annams Systems Corporation.
Abid has an MBA with over nine years of experience in designing,
developing, and managing applications. His skill set is diverse.
He has expertise in database management systems (Oracle,
MS SQL Server), languages (C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, Perl),
networking (TCP/IP protocols, router and web servers
administration), and formal methods (UML, Capability Maturity
Model). When he is not working for a client, he toys with the
Linux operating system.


Fifteenth Annual Government Technology Conference
The World Organization of Webmasters
Macromedia <>

"Please join us for an evening of networking, fun and a chance
to win some cool prizes sponsored by WOW and Macromedia."
-- Message from Bill Cullifer, Executive Director of the
World Organization of Webmasters (WOW)

Software frameworks encompass the entire host of design-time
and run-time elements. This discussion will compare the .NET
and J2EE frameworks across this spectrum of elements. Ravi
and Abid recently had a couple of projects which afforded an
opportunity to compare .NET and J2EE side-by-side. They will
share their insights with you.

You do not need a GTC badge to get into the meeting. However,
if you wish to visit the exhibit floor, you will need to
pre-register on-line:

or register on-site. Additional GTC information is at:

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