Introducing UltraApps Issue Manager
FREE Web-based Issue Manager with Source Code in ASP and ASP.NET/C#
Great tool for assigning and tracking issues during software development
Simple, yet powerful, Issue Manager features:
- Secure, multi-level web access via login authentication
- Issue assignment by person, priority and status
- Full text search
- Comprehensive, sortable issue grid with summary by status
- Bookmarks for rapid access to commonly used queries
- Issue history tracking - each response is individually tracked
- Single click export of selected records to MS Excel
- Color-coded priorities with custom color setup
- Fully customizable look and feel via HTML templates and Cascading Style
- Full compatibility with all web browsers
- Support for ALL databases, including MS SQL, MS Access, etc.
- Free Source code in ASP.NET/C# and ASP/VBScript

Saurabh Nandu