November 16, 2001. AutomatedQA is proud to announce the immediate release
and availability of AQtime .NET Edition, its full-featured and comprehensive
profiler toolset for Visual Studio .NET. Engineered specifically for the
..NET Framework, AQtime .NET Edition is the first product of its kind to
offer full and native support for Microsoft's next generation development

About AQtime .NET Edition

AQtime .NET Edition is a complete and integrated performance profiler and
debugger for Visual Studio .NET. AQtime helps remove the dangerous guesswork
traditionally associated with performance optimization and application
stability testing. It offers you a flexible and structured way to hunt down
the cause of bottlenecks and unsafe code throughout any project.

With AQtime .NET Edition you are well on your way to building applications
that perform at their highest possible level - all the time. It's rich
combination of features makes it a cinch to dig deep into your .NET
applications and exploit all the capabilities built into the .NET
framework...Whether you want to monitor the effects of the Just-in-Time
compiler and inlining or watch for platform dependencies, AQtime .NET has
everything you need to deliver lightening fast applications that are tuned
specifically for .NET!

Managed & Unmanaged - Full Support for all .NET Languages

Since AQtime .NET Edition is all about Visual Studio .NET, it supports all
..NET languages and allows you to profile any .NET application. Whether you
have managed, unmanaged, or mixed code projects, AQtime's industry-first set
of profilers are designed to gather crucial performance related information
at runtime and deliver it to you in both summarized and detailed form, with
all the tools you will need to begin the optimization process - From
customized filters and graphical call hierarchies to source code views.

Analyze - Compare - Merge (And Get to the Heart of Application Problems)

Once you've profiled your application with AQtime and obtained the necessary
performance metrics, you will truly know the cause of bottlenecks and unsafe
code. As you you alter and improve your code over time, AQtime allows you to
compare and merge results so that during the lifecycle of each project, an
exact and accurate "picture" of the application's state takes shape. You
will soon discover that AQtime is an invaluable PERFORMANCE WATCHDOG -
monitoring and reporting on all areas that might present you and your team
problems at project delivery - ensuring that you make proper code
improvements from day one - without wasting time on sections of code that
may or may not be culprits.

Top-To-Bottom Analysis with AQtime's Unrivaled Features

AQtime .NET Edition is not just a single profiler - since no single profiler
can give you a complete "picture" of your application. Instead, it is an
integrated series of cohesive profilers working in concert to produce a
clear snapshot of your application's state at any moment in time. AQtime
includes the following built-in features:

Code Coverage Analysis
Hit Count Profiler
Timing Profiler
Sampling Profiler
Function Tracing
Native API Profiler
CCW Profiler
Static Analysis
Class Use Analysis
Sequence Diagrammer
Source Code Editor
Event Viewer
Disassembly Viewer
Thread Monitor
Automated Macro Engine
And so much more.

To learn more about AQtime .NET Edition visit us on the web at: or write to us at
AutomatedQA Corp
2200 E. Patrick Lane Suite 1
Las Vegas NV 89119
(702) 891-9424