We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of our DockableWindow
control, the most feature-rich docking window system available for the .NET
framework today.


Dockable windows are essential for managing screen real estate in many applications.
They logically group related functionality together and allow end-users
to customize the user interface of your applications to their preferences.
By including dockable windows in your applications, you provide a much more
professional appearance than your competitors who don't use them.

Features of DockableWindow include:
* Provide your end-users powerful docking window functionality within minutes
* Uses the latest in user-interface design concepts, originated in Visual
Studio .NET
* Dock tool windows on all sides of a central client area in the main window
* Dock several tool windows in one area, displayed with tabs
* Float tool windows above the main window
* Dock tool windows in any combination within floating forms
* Full support of a complex hierarchy of tool windows in any area
* Show and hide tool windows
* Powerful object model allowing you to programmatically dock all tool windows
anywhere in the system
* A full-featured editor for designing window layouts
* Load and save window layout data directly to XML data files or persist
layout data in some other media, such as a database
* Instantly switch between window layouts - useful for IDEs when state switching
occurs between Code and Runtime modes
* Customizable Windows XP-styled context menus

DockableWindow comes packaged with sample projects and documentation on how
to use the control as well as complete class library documentation.


DockableWindow also comes packaged with the new version of TabStripPanel,
our first control for the .NET framework. TabStripPanel is a 100%-native
.NET control, written in C#. TabStripPanel mimics the user-interface styles
of all tabs found within the Visual Studio.NET IDE. It will work with any
.NET framework language, including C# and VB.NET.

TabStripPanel now has four styles, Fit, DocumentList, Hover, and HighContrast.
* Fit provides a basic tab style which ensures that all tabs are visible
within the control.
* DocumentList is used for displaying open documents from within IDE applications.
It has animated scrolling and close button features.
* Hover is best used for placing along the edge of an application window
and switches selected tabs on mouse overs.
* HighContrast is useful for displaying items in a blocky, high-contrast

TabStripPanel allows you to associate any Control object with a tab. It
will automatically make the Control visible when the tab is clicked. Drag
and drop of tabs is fully supported within each control when the AllowDrop
property is set on. You can manually control drag and drop as well.

TabStripPanel has rich design time functionality including the ability to
edit tab collections from within the design environment. Each TabStripPanel
control allows complete color customization so that you can change the look
and feel of the control. If this isn't enough for your, create your own
control that inherits from our TabStripPanelBase class and draw the tabs
yourself. The TabStripPanelBase class takes care of tab item management
for you!

More Information

For more information about the controls, to see screenshots, or to download
the controls, please visit our .NET product web site at:

Actipro Software LLC