The XtraPrinting Library is our 100% C# data rendering and visualization
system, built specifically for Visual Studio .NET and designed to bring your
User Interface to the printed page. Once you start using the XtraPrinting
Library, you will be able to print the contents of advanced visual controls
such as the XtraGrid and XtraTreeList with ease - without hassles, and thus
offer your end-users a nearly unlimited series of "reports" without actually
having to create a single report using a traditional report writer.

What Your Users See, Is What They Print...

Like all Developer Express technologies for Visual Studio .NET, the
XtraPrinting Library helps you put control back into the hands of your
end-users via a runtime interface that is easy to use, with an astounding
level of flexibility. When you combine the XtraPrinting Library with the
XtraGrid or XtraTreeList, you get the threefold benefit of eliminating the
tedium associated with creating traditional banded reports, greatly reducing
development time, and increasing the ease of use of your applications.

No longer will you have to create and re-create reports because of simple
changes to your database or requests by users to group/sort data by new
columns. No longer will you have to pull your hair out when a user requests
a new report that was not in the original spec. By combining the
XtraPrinting Library with the XtraGrid and/or XtraTreeList controls, your
end-users can arrange data in any manner they see fit, and then print the
contents of the control exactly as it appears on-screen.

Like our other components for .NET, the XtraPrinting Library ships with FULL

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