We are pleased to announce the first release of DeKlarit for Visual Studio.NET!

This release has many important new features and lots of improvements since
the Beta 2:

- A reverse engineering tool

- A 'Prototyper' to let you test your Business Framework with no coding

-A versioning feature, to let you create database-schema reorganizations
from any version of your application to any other.

-Improvements in the editor's user interface and in general usability

- Help integrated into Visual Studio

- Improved help, documentation and samples.

- Support for boolean and BLOB data types

The product price will be announced at $499 for a limited time.

You can download the latest technical documents at www.deklarit.com/technical

There is a 30-day limited trial version for downloading, after this period
a site key will be needed.

We encourage you to try this new release, and we welcome you to the DeKlarit

Best Regards,

The DeKlarit Team