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Our book (press release enclosed), "Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET",
has just started shipping, and it's available temporarily for a bargain price at


That's because B&N still has old info (456 pages @ $49.99 list -- $34.96 @ 30%
off) versus the correct info (910 pages @ $59.99 list -- $41.99 @ 30% off).

Buy it now before they raise the price!

Constance Petersen, DevX newsgroup section leader
Hot off the press!
"Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET"

For Immediate Release
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Build and Deploy Top-Quality Web Applications Using "Programming the Web with
Visual Basic .NET" from Apress

Berkeley, CA-July 23, 2002-ApressT announces the release of Programming the Web
with Visual Basic .NET by a unique family team: Lynn Torkelson, Constance
Petersen, and their son, 15-year-old Zac Torkelson. "Programming the Web with
Visual Basic .NET" is an inclusive guide to building Web applications and
services using Visual Basic .NET. It is written especially for experienced
Visual Basic programmers who use Visual Studio .NET for their development
work--even those who have never written a Web application before.

Highlights from this title include:
..Thorough, concise coverage of the ASP.NET namespaces
..Practical advice for creating high-quality code
..Complete coverage of the information necessary to build and deploy top Web

Because the .NET Framework is above and beyond the "antique" tools previously
available to Web programmers, the authors predict that many Visual Basic
programmers who successfully avoided Web programming in the past will now bring
their expertise to the Web. Developers who use this book will benefit from the
authors' extensive practical advice that comes from their many years spent in
various professional positions.

Apress has provided the complete table of contents and sample chapter for
"Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET" as well as downloadable source code
(free to book owners) and errata online. To view this information, learn more
about Lynn Torkelson, Constance Petersen, and Zac Torkelson, or to see other
high-quality books from Apress, please visit us online at www.apress.com.

About the Book
"Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET"
Lynn Torkelson, Constance Petersen, Zac Torkelson
ISBN: 1-59059-027-9
$59.95 US/910 p./Source Code Online

About the Authors
Constance Petersen coauthored the best-selling Visual Basic 4 How-To and has
been recognized with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for
her contributions to the Visual Basic development community. The creative force
within SoftMedia Artisans, she has written extensively on Web design and

Lynn Torkelson, a grizzled veteran of assembly language and C programming, has
extensive experience using Visual Basic to develop client-server business
applications. Lynn also did tours of duty as a software development manager and
as a manager of software quality.

Zac Torkelson began investigating the joys of programming at the age of 10 and
gradually intensified his interest. He soon learned Visual Basic 5.0, then
Visual Basic 6.0, and C++. Zac then began using the Windows API extensively in
his programs. Upon the arrival of the first .NET beta, Zac switched to Visual
Basic .NET and C#. These days he particularly likes to program multiplayer
online games.

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