Please join us for the next meeting of the Los Angeles .NET Developers Group
on Monday, August 5th, UCLA Campus, Dodd Hall, Room 175. To join the group
and for directions, go to This month Peter Varhol of
Compuware will tell us all about the Microsoft .NET Profiling API.

More Great Doorprizes!

Compuware ( is sponsoring this meeting in style. They have
provided a copy of their premier .NET product, DevPartner Studio 7.0 as a
door prize, a $1500 value! Other prizes include: a really nice brown leather
overnight bag, a Compuware T-Shirt, or a Compuware mug.

And O'Reilly & Associates has generously provided two titles to help support
our group. We have one copy of C# in a Nutshell as well as COM and .NET
Component Services. Please visit and use your Los Angeles
..NET Developers Group code to get a 20% discount for books purchased

.. Meeting Topic: Performance Profiling .NET Applications

.. Speaker: Peter Varhol, Product Manager, DevPartner Studio,

Performance profiling allows you to identify which sections of your code are
taking a long time to execute. This presentation will discuss performance
profiling in general, providing information on when and why to profile .NET
code. It will focus on the ICorProfilerInfo and ICorProfilerCallback
interfaces provided by Microsoft to profile .NET applications, with some
discussion on what features are needed in a .NET profiler. Last, it will
include a demonstration of a commercial profiler, available from Compuware
Corporation, that provides performance information on both .NET and native
code in the same session.


Scott Hutchinson
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